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Signature Courses

African Pearl grasps at every opportunity to ensure local relevance in our content presentation by referring to and reflecting on the wealth of inspiration available in our diverse local cultures and society. Workshops are designed and structured with a goal to develop people and their potential through learning and experience that positively influences and impacts all aspects of life. Extensive research and a significant investment in design, content and methodology have yielded premier flagship products that we are extremely proud to promote. All workshop content is reviewed bi-annually to ensure relevance. A multi-media format and various teaching aids are utilised ensuring that the learning experience is interactive, informative, interesting and exciting. Workshops can be offered either as an accredited or non-accredited course. Subject matter is usually presented in modules of 90 minute slots/sessions with tea & lunch breaks in between. Upon registration participants receive their training packs and are briefed on the program outline, structure, expectations, ground rules and objectives of the workshop. Both narrative and mind map formats of the courses offered are available upon request.

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Government Program

In addition to our exciting programmes and consultations services, we offer the following development programmes to the public sector:

  • Government Departments

    • Product Development, Promotion and Facilitation
    • Peer Education NQF Level 4 Accreditation
    • HIV & Aids Awareness
    • Facilitation and Conferencing Solutions
  • Department of Education

    • Educator Development & Support
    • Parenting Skills
    • Dynamic School Improvement Programme for Underperforming Schools
    • School Based Support Team Training
  • Learners and Teens

    • Life Skills Training
    • Leadership Training
    • Peer Education Programme (accredited on NQF level 2)
    • Studying Skills
    • Leadership and Life-Skills Camps
    • HIV & AIDS Awareness Programmes


African Pearl provides consultation and support on a range of specialized projects. Our services included facilitation for conferences, management of events such as road shows as well as the conceptualization, implementation and evaluation of custom-made solutions.